Lifetime ISA application

Full stack Lifetime ISA application

A single page application written in JQuery using Handlebar.js templates. A service driven form flow allowed us to capture and validate user details. Experian authenticated the details which were forwarded to the company's mid-tier service.

How much deposit do I need

Client side How much deposit do I need

A single page Angular application, which uses Google Geo-location and Zoopla services. It uses the user input to determine house prices for a given location. The JSON data is processed to determine average house price to determine the deposit required.

Interactive Investor Beta

Full stack Interactive Investor Beta

A ZF2 base which used Drupal as a service for content. Front-end components were written in Angular and used web sockets to connect to a node server. This acted as a proxy to other services. A lot of legacy code was also re-written as micro services.

Interactive Investor - Beta

Scrum master Interactive Investor - Beta

For the beta project I delivered the minimum viable product on time. I managed all the scrum meetings and kept the Jira boards up to date. Also, confluence was kept up to date with the release notes and the retrospective most important action points.

Telegraph trading platform

Server side Telegraph trading platform

Using ZF1 and configuration (via MySQL) we were able to white label the core trading platform. Configuration paths allowed custom styling and image loading.


Scrum master Payroll

Completed the Agile project management course and led the payroll project through to delivery. I managed all of the scrum meetings and promoted Agile principles around the office. Maintained a physical scrum board.

My full English

Full stack My full English

A web application using ZF2, JQuery and other plugins to allow users to find and review full English breakfasts. Google maps API was used to log venues and show directions. Bootstrap 3 ensured the site was responsive.

Story Tag

Full stack Story Tag

A web application built with PHP5 and MySQL. It allowed collaboration on the creation of screenplays. The front page had a rudimental AI component to act as an FAQ. The UX allowed playing of the screen play as if a text conversation.


Full stack RJIS

A web application built on a custom PHP framework based on CodeIgnitor. The portal (behind login) showed the clients their holdings. User access controls meant the same application was used as an intranet. This included a custom CMS system.


Full stack iLook

A single page widget view built with JQuery and plugins. It allowed small components to be combined onto a single page. The user could drag and drop the components into the position they needed and this would be permanently stored.

Personal finance

Server side Personal finance

This page allowed users to see a broad range of financial products. The company received a commission on any referral. Daily XML feeds were processed and displayed on the page. The codebase was a LAMP stack using Perl.

Design share

Full stack Design share

This web application was built on a LAMP stack. The idea was to crowd source any design work that could be requested. There was also a rating functionality. This allowed the designers to promote their profile by showing the total rating their designs rece